terça-feira, 9 de junho de 2009

My own crisis on doing assignments.

When Professor Paulo first talked about this assignment I was really angry because we went through all that trouble to do the original one. But I stopped to think about what he was proposing for us to do, suddenly it wasn't so bad anymore, because what he said was that we could talk about anything for 5 minutes. I stopped being angry and became really excited over all the things I could talk about, but it only lasted 10 seconds, since I started dealing with a much bigger problem. I could talk about anything. I mean, ANYTHING. That's a lot, you know. And then I started having ideas of what i could possibly say. For instance, I could mention that Jay and I used to study together in High School and we didn't get along, a lot of people don't know that; I also could be telling the story about how Izzie and I met, and how she, leaving the university, made me really sad; Another good story is how I ended up here, at UFRJ or how I was really cocky and obnoxious about speaking English, even more than I am now, though I, now, know one million things that I knew back then; I also could be talking about my failed trip to Argentina, the places I've visited, or the places I wanna go; I could've just read something that I posted on my blog, or one of the many lists I've made, but then I remmembered I'm not Nick Hornby. I could be talking about Nick Hornby, or other books, movies or music; I also thought about Tv series but I figured you all know that I like "Friends", and it's time for me to just not talk about it, ok I get it. So... that's not what I was going to talk about, because what I actually was going to talk about I've already said it.

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Mathew Dick disse...

talk about me, the one that became a crazy fan of brazilian music thanks to you.

Marazzo disse...

Why you didn't speak about our favorite food !? ¬¬

ingrid disse...

poxa, olha a sacanagem.
Os que só falam the book is on the table (tipo eu) não compreendem textos complexoscheios the when e verbos to be...
quem sabe um texto em espanhol...

Beatrix Kiddo! disse...

Kyle Shallowsea, the correct way to pu it is: "Why didn't you..."

Ingrid, esse eh um trabalho meu de inglês e aí eh isso que eu vou falar e deixei aqui porque eh bonitinho e até pra lembrar o que tenho que falar.
Qualquer dia eu traduzo. Ou não.

a vista de um ponto disse...

louvado seja o google tradutor!

Marazzo disse...

meu inglês é de tarbernas e botecos. "/

Pedro Porra disse...

vc frequenta tabernas mesmo?

Spes disse...

cara, adorei!
ficou bem original =)
mas ia ser mto legal se vc falasse da gente na escola hahahaha, ia ser show =)
das nossas briguinhas por carteira hauahauahau, ridiculo pqp!

Thayane disse...

Hey, cool! Was interesting, but you could have talked about your crazy passion for Argentina too...

Anônimo disse...
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