quinta-feira, 15 de julho de 2010

I can't explain

I write like
Stephen King

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O texto analisado foi esse:

So i was in a bus once, and everyday riding the bus is a new adventure. And there i was, just trying to get home, no biggie, trying to relax, 'cause i hadn't had much time to sleep. And then, the bus driver stop the bus to talk to some woman, and a passenger on the bus goes nuts, i mean The bitch went nuts style, like in the Ben Folds song. The passenger stands up and that's the moment i think, he's going to pull a Michael Douglas and kill everyone in the bus. But no, he walks toward the bus driver to give him a lesson. No, a lesson wasn't to murder the bus driver, it was simply to stand right in his face and ask if he (the driver) was a man. But the driver wasn't really gonna give up like that, he was a teaser, oh man, the nerve to fuck with an angry passenger. Anyway, the driver started to slow down the speed, i mean, it was very frustrating. Like, it started getting on my nerves as well, but i didn't wanna to stand in the middle of the argument, i just wanted to get to my destination. And so, i just prayed for the passenger get out of the bus already and suddenly he was gone and i could breath again.

E sim, isso realmente aconteceu comigo na semana passada. E não, eu não revisei o texto e nem vou. Acho que quando o resultado de um teste desses dá que vc escreve igual ao Stephen King, bem, fuck revisões, né?

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